Wine Awards and Competitions

We send our wines to various national and international competitions every year. Below are the competitions we have competed in, and the awards won in each.

Eastern States Exposition

"The Big E"

The Big E – the sixth largest agricultural fair in the country – serves as the de facto state fair for all six New England states. The Big E is held every autumn in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Seyval Blanc, 2023 Best Grape Wine, Best NH Wine
Seyval Blanc, 2023 gold
Winter's Rose 2023 silver
Petit Verdot 2023 silver
Syrah 2023 silver
Chardonnay 2023 silver
Riesling 2023 silver
Shimmer, 2022 best NH Grown Wine
Shimmer, 2022 gold
Americus, 2022 silver
Red Raspberry, 2022 silver
Dry Blueberry, 2022 silver
Cranberry, 2022 silver
Petit Verdot, 2022 silver
Tannat, 2022 silver
Amherst Vineyard Red, 2021 silver
Seyval Blanc, 2019 best NH Grown Wine
Dry Blueberry, 2019 best NH Wine
Seyval Blanc, 2019 gold
Dry Blueberry, 2019 silver
Red Raspberry, 2019 silver
Verano Sangria, 2019 silver
Riesling, 2019 silver
Moscato, 2019 silver
Seyval Blanc, 2018 best NH Wine
Seyval Blanc, 2018 silver
White Alchemy, 2018 silver
Chardonnay, 2018 silver
Petit Verdot, 2018 silver
Cranberry Riesling, 2018 silver
Red Alchemy, 2018 silver
Vienna Waltz, 2018 silver
Amherst Vineyard Red, 2018 silver
Sparkling Cranberry, 2017 gold
Gewürztraminer, 2017 gold
White Alchemy, 2017 silver
Granite State Red, 2017 silver
Red Alchemy, 2017 silver
Cranberry, 2017 silver
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Experience Rose

Silver Medal

Attracting entries nationally and internationally, The Experience Rosé Competition celebrates the best rosés in dry, slightly sweet, and sparkling styles.

Rosé, 2019 silver
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Indy International Wine Competition

Gold Medals, Silver Medals

The INDY is the largest scientifically organized and independent wine competition in the United States – the world’s largest wine market. Nearly 3,000 entries from 15 countries and 40 states are evaluated by 50 judges.

Red Alchemy, 2014 silver
Americus, 2012 gold
Corazon, 2012 silver
Cranberry, 2011 gold
Halcyon, 2010 silver
Three Kings, 2010 silver
Blueberry, 2009 gold
Red Raspberry, 2009 gold
Seyval Blanc, 2009 gold
Heirloom Apple, 2009 silver
Heirloom Tomato, 2009 silver
Jalapeño Pepper, 2008 silver
Red Raspberry, 2008 silver
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Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Gold Medals, Silver Medals

More than 60 national and international judges take part in this competition that includes over 3,000 wines from 19 countries and all 50 states.

Cranberry, 2016 gold
Americus, 2015 silver
Anthology, 2015 silver
Cranberry, 2015 silver
Dry Pear, 2015 silver
Americus, 2012 gold
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