Your Ultimate Event Experience

At LaBelle Winery, our purpose is to help you achieve your goal of creating an event experience that reflects your individual style, character, and objective. We take the time to truly understand you, your intentions, values, style, and ideas so that we can transform those thoughts into your one-of-a-kind event.

The Beauty of The Vines Enriches the Soul

LaBelle Amherst has seven different grape varieties planted on two acres of land, with a total of 11 acres of picturesque, perfectly groomed areas. Our vineyard welcomes your guests wholeheartedly, and you can plan your event amid the vines or overlooking them.

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Something about the orderly rows of a vineyard brings peace to chaos. They instill a sense of rejuvenation and calm. amy labelle
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Celebrate in The Vines that Surround

LaBelle Winery Derry offers unique outdoor venues for ceremonies and cocktail receptions. The property’s four-acre vineyard features a private space created exclusively for event opportunities amid the vines.

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Our Derry vineyard was planned with events and outdoor performances in mind. The vines will instantly impress any guest. amy labelle
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Plan your off-site catering event

Plan Your Event at Home or the Office

The LaBelle Winery catering philosophy is simple: We prepare our menu items with the freshest local, quality ingredients possible, so you can feel confident about what you are serving to your friends, family, and colleagues.