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An artisan village-style property, LaBelle Winery Derry is home to LaBelle Links Golf Course, Mini Links Mini-Golf, Americus Restaurant, LaBelle Market, LaBelle Winery and Tasting Room, an event center, and a vineyard. We invite you to explore all we have to offer.

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LaBelle Derry will be a place that offers the community exceptional experiences that people of all ages can enjoy. amy labelle
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Grape varieties to be planted in the new vineyard include Itasca, Petit Pearl, and Cayuga, all of which are cold-hardy hybrid grapes suited to New England’s climate. We’ll soon construct a Champagne-style house, including a tasting room and space where sparkling wines will be produced. The tasting room will wrap around the production and aging experience, providing an educational environment to enjoy wine.

LaBelle Market, adjacent to Americus Restaurant, offers on-site shopping for take-home gourmet prepared foods and LaBelle’s “The Winemaker’s Kitchen” line of culinary products. Other premier partners’ products we carry include fine chocolates, cheeses, artisan breads, flowers, and gifts. You’ll notice numerous flower, herb, and vegetable gardens on the property, which provide many of the products used in the restaurant and market.

LaBelle Derry's distinguishing features are its two wedding and event spaces and an education center, where guests can take cooking and beverage-making classes and other lifestyle classes. Our goal is to offer one of the best wedding and event venues around. Amy LaBelle

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Winemaker Amy LaBelle continues her winemaking tradition, making wine that expresses the depth of character of both new- and old-world wine styles. Our comprehensive wine collection will satisfy your craving for versatility without ever compromising quality, and the story of LaBelle Winery is woven into every sip.

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“Wine is an exciting beverage; it has a personality, it tells a story." amy labelle
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