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LaBelle Winery Owners Create New Product Line, “The Winemaker’s Kitchen” Spirit Infusion Kits

by Michelle Thornton

Dec 28, 2020

Dec. 28, 2020
LaBelle Winery Owners Create New Product Line, “The Winemaker’s Kitchen” Spirit Infusion Kits

Michelle Thornton
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Amherst, New Hampshire — Winemaker Amy LaBelle and Cesar Arboleda, co-owners of LaBelle Winery in Amherst and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, announce a new handcrafted line of “spirit infusions” under LaBelle Winery’s “The Winemaker’s Kitchen” line of culinary products. Six flavors are included in the new line: juniper berry citrus, cinnamon vanilla, spicy bloody Mary, triple citrus twist, vanilla bean old fashioned and cranberry vodka.

Spirit infusions, developed in Amy LaBelle’s home kitchen, enhance home bar offerings through the process of incorporating natural flavors into pre-existing alcoholic spirits (not included in the kits). Each of LaBelle Winery’s infusion kits has a unique flavor profile made with selectively sourced ingredients. Included in each kit is one Ball jar; herbs, spices, and fruits for infusion; and simple-to-follow instructions. Consumers add their favorite liquor to the infusion jar, let it rest for approximately one week, and then enjoy it with family and friends.

“I had so much fun making these infusions in my home kitchen,” LaBelle says. “I was able to tweak recipes and change ingredients as needed to come up with six unique flavor profiles. The resulting liquors are distinctive, and cocktails made with them are delicious. I’ve gifted the kits to friends and family this holiday season—I think they would make great gifts any time of year. People will love the creative process of making their own infused liquors to enjoy with their loved ones.”
LaBelle Winery’s infusion kits can be purchased online at or by visiting LaBelle Winery Amherst. Each kit costs $13. Kits can also be shipped or delivered locally.

About LaBelle Winery:
After working as a corporate attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, LaBelle founded LaBelle Winery in 2005 at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire. In 2008, she and Arboleda moved the winemaking operation to a barn behind their home in order to expand production. LaBelle made award-winning wines at this location until late 2012, when the operation was moved to its current location in Amherst. In addition to the winery, LaBelle’s Amherst location includes a restaurant, a wedding and event venue, an art gallery, a retail store and tasting room, and an on-site vineyard.

LaBelle Winery’s Portsmouth tasting room and retail store opened in September 2017.
LaBelle Winery Derry is located at 14 Route 111, Derry, New Hampshire.
LaBelle Winery Amherst is located at 345 Route 101 in Amherst, New Hampshire.
LaBelle Winery Portsmouth is located at 104 Congress St. Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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