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Amy LaBelle to Release Debut Book, “Wine Weddings”

by Michelle Thornton

Nov 17, 2022

Front Cover of Book, "Wine Weddings"

Contact: Amy Prenner, (310) 709-1101

Wine Weddings: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Wine-Themed Wedding of Your Dreams, set to be Published in January 2023

Derry, NH — November 17, 2022 — Wine-themed Weddings, the newest trend for 2023. Amy LaBelle’s debut book, Wine Weddings: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Wine-Themed Wedding of Your Dreams, where LaBelle guides engaged couples through the process of how to savor your special day with easy, accessible ideas and inspiration will be released in January 2023.

“A good wedding, like a good marriage, cannot be pursued or forced; it must ensue as a result of a hundred choices the side-effect of which is a cohesive, beauty to behold that heralds a gorgeous life,” said Amy LaBelle.

“Wine weddings are timeless and elegant, and wine has been around for thousands of years and will be thousands more,” said Amy LaBelle. “A wine themed-wedding provides a natural color palate that blends seamlessly with your chosen venue.”

The book includes everything from décor to cuisine to favors and finishing touches. The endlessly awesome choices for wine favors, décor and other special touches for your wedding will leave guests with special memories for years to come. 

Wine Weddings will help to illustrate to future brides and grooms that once you choose a timeless wine theme, your wedding will be much easier to plan. Brides-to-be will feel in control of their wedding plans and won’t be stressed about the little details with this one-of-a-kind resource. And, as a result, engaged couples will throw their dream wedding and want to bask in the beautiful memories forever. Having run all your decision making through the lens of a wine theme will have made the days leading up to your wedding easy! 

With the holidays around the corner, many couples get engaged during the last two weeks of the year and Amy’s new book will offer a roadmap of how to plan a wine-themed wedding from the colors and decor to the food and drinks to the flowers and invitations. It’s a compliment to her New England Winery that she has owned for over 10 years. She’s also one of the few award-winning female wine makers in the world. Grapes for her wines come from Central California throughout the San Joaquin Valley and from vineyards in Yakima, Washington and New York’s Finger Lakes Region, in addition to her own vineyards.

What’s unique about Amy is that not only is she a winemaker but she cooks with wine. Amy teaches classes at her winery that infuse wine with her food and cocktail recipes. Amy can prepare her unique spin on the classic French 75, while pairing it with some delicious savory bites that are sure to please your guests.

Wine Weddings outlines that the food and cocktails can reflect the heritage of the couple. This would be everything from the cocktails to the cuisine.

Also, Amy suggests having a signature cocktail upon arrival into the reception to celebrate the nuptials. For example, if the couple will honeymoon in Hawaii, a Mai-Tai would be a great compliment to guests, when accompanied by a sign that tells the story.  When it comes to the reception, the menu should reflect something personal to the couple. For example, if the couple is from New England but having their wedding in San Diego, a classic clambake would represent the bride and groom nicely.


Amy LaBelle is the founder and winemaker at LaBelle Winery. Her ultimate vision is to give back to the community through charitable giving in ways that are fulfilling, impactful and meaningful, and to grow her business exponentially so that she can contribute more. Amy lives with her husband and co-owner of LaBelle Winery, Cesar Arboleda, and their two sons, Jackson Alejandro Arboleda and Lucas Cesar Arboleda.

LaBelle Winery has built visually stunning locations to enjoy some outstanding food and beverages. Likewise, Americus at LaBelle Winery Derry serves modern farm-to-table cuisine and a full bar featuring LaBelle wines, mixed drinks, beer, and beverages. The guests may also bring a piece of the winery to their homes, thanks to the LaBelle Market. It’s a terrific place to purchase wine and grab and go, convenient but nutritious food options and snacks.t

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