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LaBelle Winery Debuts New Branding, Logo and Website

by Michelle Thornton

May 11, 2022


May 11, 2022

Michelle Thornton
Director of Marketing
LaBelle Winery
345 Route 101
Amherst, NH 03031
(603) 672-9898

Amherst, New Hampshire — LaBelle Winery, which has locations in Amherst, Derry, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has recently redesigned its branding. The winery has a new logo, has updated its product labeling, and has fully redesigned its website.

Throughout 2022, the winery will gradually transition its signage, collateral materials, brochures and marketing materials to its new branding design.

The Rebranding Journey

In early 2021, after 17 years in business, LaBelle Winery’s co-owners, winemaker Amy LaBelle and her husband Cesar Arboleda, embarked on a rebranding journey.

“Although we began the rebranding process in 2021, it feels appropriate to introduce our redesigned logo and website this year,” LaBelle says. “LaBelle Winery’s flagship location in Amherst will celebrate its 10th anniversary this October.”

“Because the winery has grown substantially since its founding in 2005, including the opening of its Derry location in 2021, Amy and Cesar felt it was time to update LaBelle’s brand aesthetics to better reflect what the company is today,” says Michelle Thornton, LaBelle’s director of marketing. “We want our branding to communicate the continued evolution of the quality of our wines and our growing market.”

In addition to making more than 30 varieties of wine, the company now owns and operates two vineyards, three retail locations, two restaurants, a market, multiple event venues and a golf course. The winery also frequently gives back to the community through charitable giving.

Logo Redesign

LaBelle Winery’s creative director, James Mojonnier, collaborated with LaBelle and Arboleda to develop the company’s new logo. According to Mojonnier, the updated logo incorporates subtle yet meaningful changes.

“The previous logo used the letters of the owner’s last name,” Mojonnier says. “The ‘B’ in LaBelle was distinctive in that its shape was of a woman’s outline, earning it the nickname ‘Lady B.’ This was essential to the design since it represented the winemaker as a woman.

“Lady B appeared to be stretching upward and forward in a dancer’s leap, conveying the idea of LaBelle, a former dancer, being an entrepreneur and visionary who always looks to the future.”

According to Mojonnier, consumers have come to associate the Lady B, which stands alone in many current branding and marketing uses, with LaBelle Winery.

The redrafted logo design retains the Lady B, using smoother and gentler lines to reflect LaBelle’s maturity, experience and the progress she has made as an industry leader.

“I think our new logo truly represents who we are,” LaBelle says. “Enjoy a glass of LaBelle Winery wine at home, with friends or come to the winery and relax. It’s all about taking in life’s beauty and delights.”

Wine Label Redesign

LaBelle Winery’s new label design separates LaBelle’s more than 30 wine varieties into three categories: Premier, Signature and Sparkling. The redesigned labels feature a fresh white background for the Signature varieties and a black background for the Premier varieties. The Sparkling wine labels are made with paper that has a bit of glitter in it, giving them a shimmering look. All of the updated labels are made with textured paper and feature the Lady B in raised foil.

The previous labels’ signature yellow color, which has become associated with the LaBelle brand was retained in the winery’s rebranding in a nuanced way rather than as a main color, according to Mojonnier.

“The labels’ new font is bolder and more grounded—to convey LaBelle’s lasting presence as a nationally-acclaimed winery,” Mojonnier says.

New Website

LaBelle Winery hired design firm Hawthorn Creative in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to build its new website, which was launched in May 2021.

“To go along with our expanded offerings, we needed a new and enhanced website with great functionality,” LaBelle says. “In addition to being adaptable to mobile devices, the new site has social sharing capabilities throughout, and is visually beautiful and fun to engage with.”

About LaBelle Winery:

After working as a corporate attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Amy LaBelle founded LaBelle Winery in 2005 at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire. In 2008, she and husband Cesar Arboleda moved the winemaking operation to a barn behind their home in order to expand production. LaBelle made award-winning wines at this location until late 2012 when the operation was moved to its current location in Amherst. In addition to the winery, LaBelle’s Amherst location includes a restaurant, a wedding and event venue, an art gallery, a retail store and tasting room, and an on-site vineyard.

LaBelle Winery’s Portsmouth tasting room and retail store opened in September 2017.

As of summer 2021, all facilities at LaBelle Winery Derry, with the exception of the sparkling wine production facility and tasting room, are now open including the event center, golf course, Americus restaurant, The Gallery at LaBelle Winery and LaBelle Market. The sparkling wine production facility and tasting room will open in May 2022.

LaBelle Winery Amherst is located at 345 Route 101 in Amherst, New Hampshire.

LaBelle Winery Portsmouth is located at 104 Congress St. Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

LaBelle Winery Derry is located at 14 Route 111, Derry, New Hampshire.

Visit for directions and hours of operation. For questions email