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LaBelle Winery Introduces Mel & Ayme’s Premium Wine Coolers

by Ashlynn Patenaude

Jun 07, 2023

June 7, 2023

mel and aymes wine coolers

Amherst, New HampshireLaBelle Winery, a well-known producer of award-winning wines, introduces their latest limited edition artisan product: Mel & Ayme’s Premium Wine Coolers.

The low-alcohol coolers are 8 percent ABV, low sugar, all natural and come in four flavors: chardonnay with blueberry; moscato with raspberry; riesling with pear; and seyval blanc with citrus.

 The wine coolers were created by Amy LaBelle, co-owner and winemaker, and Melaney Shepard, assistant winemaker, using LaBelle’s wines. The coolers have a natural effervescence and harmonious flavor balance that is delicious and refreshing.

Inspired by the iconic wine coolers of the 1980s, such as Bartles & Jaymes, Mel & Ayme’s Premium Wine Coolers pay homage to their predecessors by evoking a vibrant sense of nostalgia. The coolers come in portable, multi-colored 12-ounce cans featuring Mel & Ayme’s logo.

“Our goal was to craft a product that captures the sophistication of LaBelle wines while delivering the refreshing qualities of a wine cooler—a beverage perfect for entertaining, relaxing in the yard, or for a picnic. Mel & Ayme’s Premium Wine Coolers represent the ultimate fusion of premium ingredients and refreshing taste.

We also wanted to reignite the spirit of the 1980s, and the joy—for those old enough to remember—of savoring one’s first wine cooler, so we included thoughtfully selected song lyrics from the ‘80s on each can, adding a fun, nostalgic element to the experience,” LaBelle says.

Mel & Ayme’s Wine Coolers are available for purchase exclusively at LaBelle Winery’s Wine and Gift Shops at their Amherst and Derry locations, and at The LaBelle Market in Derry. The coolers retail for $7.99 each and will be available until the supply runs out.

To celebrate the launch of Mel & Ayme’s Premium Wine Coolers, LaBelle Winery will host a release party on June 28 at 6 p.m. at their Amherst location. Attendees will be able to sample all four varieties of Mel & Ayme’s wine coolers, meet winemakers LaBelle and Shepard, and gain insight into the creative process and story behind the wine coolers. Tickets cost $35 plus tax and gratuity and include two cans of wine coolers to take home.

Tickets to the release party can be purchased at HERE.

”We are excited to welcome guests to the release party where they will be able to sample all of our wine cooler flavors and be part of this special moment,” Shepard says.

About LaBelle Winery:
LaBelle Winery has provided guests with award-winning wines since its founding in 2005. Since 2012, when its flagship facility opened in Amherst, the winery has offered outstanding cuisine, entertainment and venues for private events and weddings. LaBelle’s Amherst location is home to the winery’s production facility, The Bistro restaurant, a tasting room and wine and gift shop.

LaBelle’s Derry location opened in 2021. The Derry property is home to Americus restaurant, golf and mini-golf courses, an event center and a market offering prepared food and beverages. A tasting room and a sparkling wine production facility opened in Derry in May 2022. 

Along with award-winning wines, LaBelle has created a gourmet culinary product line called The Winemaker’s Kitchen. Products are currently available at both of the winery’s locations, and by 2024 will be available nationwide.

LaBelle Winery Amherst is located at 345 Route 101 in Amherst, New Hampshire.

LaBelle Winery Derry is located at 14 Route 111, Derry, New Hampshire.

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