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LaBelle Winery Partners With 603 Brewery to Create 603 Sangria Sour Ale

by Michelle Thornton

Feb 26, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 26, 2019

Michelle Thornton
Director of Marketing
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Amherst, New Hampshire— Amy LaBelle, co-owner and winemaker at LaBelle Winery, has partnered with Tim Clapper, head brewer at 603 Brewery in Londonderry, New Hampshire, to create 603 Sangria Sour Ale, a type of sour beer known as a kettle sour. Kettle sour beers are fermented at a lower pH than most other beer types, giving them a distinct sour flavor.


The idea for 603 Sangria Sour Ale came about last fall when Clapper and LaBelle were looking for ways to create products that would bridge the gap between beer and wine.

“I was thinking of using something with juice to complement a dry IPA when Amy [LaBelle] mentioned she had these grape skins,” Clapper says. “Never having used those in the brewing process I wanted to use them and give myself a bit of a challenge.”

LaBelle and her husband Cesar Arboleda, who is the winery’s cellar master and co-owner, provided to Clapper the grape skins from the winery’s fermentation of petit verdot and worked with him to create the new beer. 603 Sangria Sour Ale was officially launched in late January at a craft wine and beer dinner held at LaBelle Winery’s Amherst location and co-hosted by LaBelle and Clapper.


“Sangria Sour is a beer unlike anything else I’ve tasted. It has a depth of flavor that is delicious and is a true hybrid of wine and beer. I love it,” LaBelle says.


Originally from western New York State, Clapper has been brewing beer professionally for more than 8 years.


“Sangria Sour is a brewery and winery experience in one complete beverage. I am very happy with how the beer turned out and looking forward to experimenting with different beer and wine collaborations in the future,” Clapper says.


603 Sangria Sour Ale, which has a distinctive red color and a slightly fruity sour flavor, is currently available in 603 Brewery’s tap room.


LaBelle and Clapper are now working on another partnership product, a dry-hopped riesling that will be produced at the winery. Clapper has also expressed interest in working with LaBelle with brewing a white 603 Sangria Sour Ale this summer.


“I’m thrilled that two New Hampshire artisans are working together to create fabulous new products,” LaBelle says.


603 Brewery is located at 12 Liberty Drive in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Information about their hours of operation can be found at or by calling (603) 630-7745.


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