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LaBelle Winery Wins Nine Awards at 2024 Boston Wine Competition

by Ashlynn Patenaude

Nov 28, 2023

LaBelle Winery Wins Best in Class, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze at 2024 Boston Wine Competition

NOVEMBER 27, 2023


Amherst, New Hampshire — LaBelle Winery was a top performer at the 2024 Boston Wine Competition, securing nine awards including the top honor of Best in Class, further solidifying its position in the world of winemaking. The winery learned it had received honors for several of its wines in mid-November.

Awards received by LaBelle Winery at the 2024 Boston Wine Competition are:

  • Best in Class: 2021 Tannat
  • Platinum: 2021 Tannat
  • Gold: 2021 Seyval Blanc
  • Gold: 2021 Syrah
  • Gold: 2021 Petit Verdot
  • Gold: 2020 Amherst Vineyard 10th Anniversary Red Blend
  • Silver: 2021 Amherst Vineyard White
  • Bronze: 2022 Chardonnay
  • Bronze: 2021 Riesling

Amy LaBelle, winemaker and co-owner of the winery said, “These awards are a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing high-quality, distinct and enjoyable wines that stand out in a crowded market.” 

Boston Wine Awards’ judging process emphasizes quality, diversity and a commitment to storytelling through wine. Award-winning wines are chosen by panels of industry leaders in blind tastings, determining which entries are worthy of platinum, gold, silver or bronze ratings. Entries that receive a gold rating from all judges on a panel earn a platinum award. On the final day of the competition, platinum and gold winners advance to a sweepstakes round where Best of Class and Best in Show winners are determined.

Raye Bouschet, executive director and co-founder of the Boston Wine Competition said, “Our competition celebrates wines that capture the essence of art and science in the glass, from vine to bottle. This competition not only analyzes quality, but places emphasis on what differentiates [a wine] from the pack.”

About Winemaker Amy LaBelle:

Winemaker, entrepreneur, author and media personality, Amy LaBelle, is the co-owner and founder of LaBelle Winery. Since 2005, her passion, commitment and hard work have enabled the winery to consistently produce award-winning wines at its two New Hampshire locations, helping to put New England on the international wine map and making her a lifestyle leader to watch in 2024.

About the Boston Wine Competition:

The annual Boston Wine Competition began in 2022. Celebrating the diversity of wines from across the globe, it is the first competition to score entries based on a winemaker’s ability to balance the art and science of the craft to produce unique, high-quality wines that tell the story of their origins, from vine to bottle.

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About LaBelle Winery:

LaBelle Winery has provided guests with award-winning wines since its founding in 2005. Since 2012, when its flagship facility opened in Amherst, the winery has offered outstanding cuisine, entertainment and venues for private events and weddings. LaBelle’s Amherst location is home to the winery’s production facility, The Bistro restaurant, a tasting room and wine and gift shop. 

LaBelle’s Derry location opened in 2021. The Derry property is home to Americus restaurant, golf and mini-golf courses, an event center and a market offering prepared food and beverages. A tasting room and a sparkling wine production facility opened in Derry in May 2022.

Along with award-winning wines, LaBelle has created a gourmet culinary product line called The Winemaker’s Kitchen. Products are currently available at both of the winery’s locations, and by 2024 will be available nationwide.

LaBelle Winery Amherst is located at 345 Route 101 in Amherst, New Hampshire.

LaBelle Winery Derry is located at 14 Route 111, Derry, New Hampshire.

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