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LISTEN: Winemaker Amy LaBelle Appears on People, Place & Purpose Podcast

by Michelle Thornton

Oct 03, 2022

Amy LaBelle on People, Place & Purpose Podcast

Winemaker Amy LaBelle sat down with podcaster Kate Luczko of People, Place & Purpose to talk about building LaBelle Winery from an aspiration to a reality. From People, Place & Purpose:

Amy LaBelle is a former corporate attorney turned winemaker after a trip to Nova Scotia dropped her into a little tiny winery with a blueberry wine that produced a spark. She says that in that little Canadian winery, she had an ah-ha moment that brought forth her life’s purpose. After lots of hard work and challenges along the way, LaBelle Winery now has three locations, about 250 employees, and is ever-expanding and changing, though Amy is still the ever-passionate winemaker behind it all.

Hear a preview of the interview here:


Listen to the full interview here!