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A Must-Try Menu Item at Americus Restaurant

by Ashlynn Patenaude

Feb 16, 2024

Don’t Miss This Seasonal Menu Item at a Popular NH Winery

Published on DECEMBER 23, 2023

Source: WJBJ.COM

AUTHOR: JADD naamani

“One of the most genius moves to make when visiting LaBelle Lights (or anytime, really) is to make a reservation at Americus Restaurant, which is on the LaBelle Winery property. According to one of the servers at Americus, the menu changes seasonally, and some items that make it on the menu are added after they perform overwhelmingly well during a bit of a testing phase, much like one of their current offerings.”

Braised Short Ribs at Americus Restaurant

Served on top of massive piece of laffa bread (which is similar to flatbread or Naan), the braised short ribs were added to the Americus menu after being offered as a special and quickly and routinely becoming sold out.

Along with the braised short ribs that have been seasoned with allspice that legitimately melt in your mouth, also added on top of the laffa bread is sriracha rice, an apple and olive salad, and more deliciousness.

Buyer beware, though, the serving size is either perfect for a pair of customers to split, or if you order it solo, prepare to bring the rest of it home with you, because the helping prepared for you is massive!

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