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National Post Lists LaBelle Winery as Charming New Hampshire Feature

by Michelle Thornton

Dec 19, 2022

Amherst Location

December 16, 2022

Excerpt from the National Post article by Robin Robinson:

Nearby in Amherst, former corporate lawyer Amy LaBelle is also following her passion. The founder and winemaker of LaBelle Winery says a 2001 trip to a small Nova Scotia winery was transformational.

LaBelle says she had “an epiphany.”

“I thought, ‘holy moley, I missed my calling, and was meant to be a winemaker.’”

Exactly 4,083 days later LaBelle, along with her husband and co-owner Cesar Arboleda, realized the dream. Why 4,083 days?

“I had to learn how to make wine and pay off my student loans,” LaBelle says while working in the cellar.

The original “winery” was a little red barn at the couple’s home. The beautiful hillside LaBelle Amherst followed with a small vineyard, a cellar, a tasting room, a bistro, a shop selling local products (some made by LaBelle, who is also a gourmet cook), and event spaces, says wine-guide Pam Trudo during a tour. Further expansion saw the addition of a larger location in Derry.

Things to do include tours, cooking classes, wine dinners, concerts, exercise classes, family activities and more. An annual highlight is LaBelle Lights, a huge walk-through Christmas lights display at LaBelle Derry.”

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