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The Art Gallery at LaBelle Winery Announces Openings in Amherst and Portsmouth, N.H.

by Michelle Thornton

Aug 27, 2018


Michelle Thornton
Director of Marketing
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Amherst, N.H. – The Art Gallery at LaBelle Winery announces the opening of “The Landscape Photography of Jeff Dachowski” in its Amherst location, and “Unsettled Weather” by Mark Johnson in its Portsmouth location. The artwork displayed in both locations will be available for sale to the public. The shows will be on view through October. 

Working out of a studio in Bedford, N.H., photographer Jeff Dachowski holds a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. Along with his wife, Carolle, who is also a professional photographer, Dachowski has earned several awards for his work, including being named Photographer of the Year by the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association seven times. Dachowski has combined his love of travel with his photographic skill to create this collection of landscape photographs.

“I have always enjoyed the correlation between music and art,” Dachowski says. “Both mediums use shape, lines, texture, depth, movement, phrasing, repetition and subtle dynamics to alter the impact of a piece. With this show, I aimed to illustrate the music that flows through me when creating imagery. I am drawn to lines and movement. I love when the geography of the landscape moves me through a scene.” 

Artist Mark Johnson is a graduate of Oberlin College and of New York University, where he currently teaches studio art. He has lived for extended periods of time on an island in Casco Bay, Maine, an experience that has greatly influenced his work. 

His most recent collection of seascapes, now on view at LaBelle Winery Portsmouth, engages with the more ethereal side of seascape painting, focusing on unsettled weather as it moves in and out of the landscape.

“The physical landscape and the transient states of the sea and sky provide endless opportunities to explore an ongoing interest in combining opposites — abstraction and representation, movement and stillness, near and far, the known and the unknown — while also underscoring my view of art as both a form of communication and a means for contemplation,” Johnson writes.

Both Dachowski and Johnson will discuss their work at artist talks that will be open to the public. Dachowski’s talk, “Photographing the Landscape — The Joys and Challenges of Capturing Nature and Architecture,” will introduce guests to the world of black and white landscape photography. It will be held at LaBelle’s Amherst location on Sept. 30, 2018 at 1 p.m.

Titled “Seascape Painting,” Johnson’s talk will be held at LaBelle’s Portsmouth location on Oct. 5, 2018 at 6 p.m. He will discuss his current work, which engages with the more ethereal side of landscape painting. The talk will also include a general discussion of landscape painting both in the past and present.

Those who would like to attend one of the artists’ talks can register online at LaBelle Winery’s website. There is a $5 cover charge for Dachowski’s talk. Johnson’s talk is free.

The Art Gallery at LaBelle Winery in Amherst opened in 2012, with the Portsmouth location opening in 2016. Both galleries host shows featuring New Hampshire artists, and are open during winery hours of operation. 

LaBelle Winery’s original location and vineyard are located at 345 Route 101 in Amherst, N.H. 

The Bistro at LaBelle Winery, also in Amherst, serves lunch and dinner as well as brunch on Sundays. The restaurant is family-friendly and offers a special menu for children. 

Guided tours of the Amherst facility are offered from noon to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Call (603) 672-9898 or visit for more information.

LaBelle Winery Portsmouth is located at 104 Congress St. Wine tastings are available daily during business hours. The store’s phone number is (603) 319-8015.

Check LaBelle Winery’s website for hours, which vary by location: