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The Telegraph: LaBelle Winery Teams Up with 603 Brewery

by Michelle Thornton

Mar 04, 2019

Published by The Telegraph
March 4, 2019


Amy LaBelle, co-owner and winemaker at LaBelle Winery, has partnered with Tim Clapper, head brewer at 603 Brewery in Londonderry, to create 603 Sangria Sour Ale, a type of sour beer known as a kettle sour. Kettle sour beers are fermented at a lower pH than most other beer types, giving them a distinct sour flavor.

The idea for 603 Sangria Sour Ale came about last fall when Clapper and LaBelle were looking for ways to create products that would bridge the gap between beer and wine.

“I was thinking of using something with juice to complement a dry IPA when Amy [LaBelle] mentioned she had these grape skins,” Clapper says. “Never having used those in the brewing process I wanted to use them and give myself a bit of a challenge.”


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