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Amy LaBelle, Award-Winning Winemaker, Attends NYC’s Summer Fancy Food Show on Path Bringing Her Brand to National Level

by Michelle Thornton

Jun 30, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 /Read the article at — Winemaker and culinarian Amy LaBelle is jazzed about having attended this month’s Summer Fancy Food Show for the first time, at New York City’s Javits Center, as a research trip to experience the world of specialty foods and yet another step on her path to growing her brand to a national level.

“We were specifically looking for food/flavor trends, branding trends, and packaging trends,” explains LaBelle, “as well as for holes in the market for the best opportunities to enter the national stage.” LaBelle also realizes that as far as growing her brand, in unity there is strength.

“As we grow, we are poised to take the production of our Winemaker’s Kitchen products out of our own kitchen and partner with a co-packer who can enhance our production through a larger, more systematized process,” says LaBelle.

With the growth LaBelle’s winery is seeing this year, launching her culinary line nationally is the next logical step for its line of jams, seasonings, and sauces. The Fancy Food Show allowed LaBelle and her team to see trends, identify holes in the market and meet with contacts in the world of specialty food in order for them to take the right steps for national growth.

LaBelle Winery began as a dream of LaBelle’s in 2001 when she was inspired by visiting a small winery in Nova Scotia, Canada. “I started to build my knowledge for winemaking and work on a business plan, all the while keeping my ‘day job’ as an attorney and saving my pennies to plan for the future. Fast-forward to 2010 – my dear husband, Cesar Arboleda, and I took the big leap and embarked on our journey to build what is now our 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art flagship location.”

With the dream of winemaking was also born the dream to build a place where LaBelle’s community could gather and enjoy excellent food, wine, and cultural arts. LaBelle elaborates, “We offer you not just a place to go, but an experience unlike any other. Most importantly, we feel strongly about being a part of the fabric of our community. We have much to be proud of here, but most notably is helping over 2,000 charities since we opened our doors nearly 11 years ago.”

Gratitude is a big part of LaBelle’s life. As such, she recognizes her winery team as the company’s most valuable resource and appreciates their contribution to the firm’s success in providing the highest quality products and services to their community. In addition, says LaBelle, “We are proud to have earned local and national recognition for each aspect of our business, from Certificates of Excellence to Best of Weddings and Top Women-Led Business. Some of our recent awards include Top Family-Owned Business in NH, 2020, and from Business NH Magazine; Best Winery & Vineyard.”

LaBelle’s enthusiasm is as infectious as her wines and foods are delicious. “I love to teach people how to incorporate wine into their cooking at home, and The Winemaker’s Kitchen products help home cooks do just that. They help you cook like a winemaker.”

Amy LaBelle

Amy LaBelle is an extraordinarily successful, motivated, and strong female businesswoman. A role model to many, she built a multi-million-dollar diverse food and wine empire with commitment, passion, and a dream. LaBelle, who was previously a successful corporate lawyer in Boston, had a hidden passion–winemaking. She eventually packed up her belongings and relocated to the country to pursue her ambition after years of juggling legal documents and fermenting fruit in her cramped 600-square-foot apartment. LaBelle now oversees and operates the $11 million a year LaBelle Winery in cooperation with her husband, Cesar Arboleda. With a staff of 300+, it’s an all-encompassing state-of-the-art winery and event center, art gallery, cafe, private kitchen, and golf course. In addition, LaBelle shuttles two adolescent sons between school, lessons, and sports activities. As if all that weren’t enough, she will now be adding becoming a reality TV star into the mix.Amy LaBelle Founder, Co-Owner and Winemaker

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